Trevor Fuller Power Grab

December 2, 2014

Did you watch the power grab. And those who watched in horror as Leake promised things would become like Ferguson, well it already is in her and “her people’s” (as she likes to call them) minds. So what do you think. Cotham, who got the most votes is not voted in as Chair. Instead the […]

Let’s start exposing The Charlotte Observer

November 30, 2014

Today, and from now on we need to start asking serious questions about the only daily newspaper in Charlotte, North Carolina. They promote the idea they are fair and balanced, and represent all of Charlotte and the surrounding area. But we have to stop and ask, why is it they do not have one conservative […]

What was the number of that bus?

September 17, 2013

Recently just a few hours after a shooting, an Officer was charged by CMPD. From the reports it seems the victim was, as some would call it, upset/agitated, or in need of help Now we are sure this was all done with the utmost speed, due to the nature of what happened. And based on […]


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Support Ed Driggs

September 5, 2013

We encourage our friends to support Ed Driggs. [facebook-master]

Outrage over an Observer writer being arrested!

August 18, 2013

If you read the last article Rick Thames wrote about the changes in comments at the Observer then you know the moderation police are in full force at the Observer. But then again they are about to fold anyway. Anyway, we get a new comment here a few months later talking about Tim Funk being […]

Fake Pat McCrory is not zapped at Observer

April 25, 2013

The Charlotte Observer may have been hacked and we have found out that fake posts from from existing accounts have been allowed to stay on the observer’s site making comments that are sicking. One such was under the name PatMcCrory and says things like offering watermelon to the black legislators. Another that they did […]

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Observer is going to charge for content

November 18, 2012

The party is over for those of us who would never pay for the….. shall we even call it…. content from the Charlotte Observer, that we all had to read as the only daily paper in Charlotte. But this site will take up those who wish to make comments on the articles as we will […]

Is the Observer back to their old tricks?

April 3, 2012

We have seen several posts saying people are being banned from the Observer, strictly due to their conservative posts. We have seen Liberal and quite brusque posts allow to remain. So if you have been banned, let us know so we can get back with the Observer as we had to do last year. […]

Banned for being a Conservative on the Observer?

July 30, 2011

The Observer allows Liberal and quite nasty comments to say forever even after they are reported but when a Conservative is on their playground they ban them for life. It has happened to too many Conservatives to be ignored and now they are forming a group. We had heard about this and just recently they […]

Teen Family Wins Ten Million Dollar Law Suit

July 20, 2011

Teen Family wins ten million tazer law Click Here suit The Comments were shut off on this story very fast.

One year old used for sex. Mother offered her.

July 16, 2011

A Mother gave her Daughter up to a guy on a chat room for sex. Mother Charged Story in the Observer Click Here

Anti-abortion Activist Quilty of Stalking

July 2, 2011

The Observer was quick as they normally are on stories, to stop the discussion on the Anti-Abortion discussion person being convicted. Of course this will go on to an appeal but the story is interesting and worth discussing. Click here for the story at the Observer.

Liberal Church? Are they a Church?

June 25, 2011

A group is meeting in Charlotte and the Observer in true form gives them class handling and shuts down the comments. Click here for the story in the Observer Anyway read the story and keep the comments going here. Oh why did the Mayor and City Council not stop them from coming like the did […]

Recycled story by the Observer on the NAACP over the Districts

June 22, 2011

Did anyone notice the Observer brought back the story from a few months ago over the NAACP’s dislike over the new Districts written by the Republicans in Raleigh? Click here for the story from the Observer Anyway the only had the comments up for a few minutes so you could see the comments from six […]

Troopers find 2.5 million in Cocaine, Illegals Suspected?

June 18, 2011

Two guys are arrested and most likely are Illegals. They have all these drugs. Read the story here Click here for the story in the Observer, who actually said they may be Illegal

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